Bacchus Brewing Co. White Chocolate & Raspberry Pilsner


14900447_593391554178327_6887050174297753670_n“Winner of the peoples choice award at GABS 2013. A classic Czech Pilsner infused with chocolate, vanilla and raspberries. The beer has a lovely crimson hue, a heady aroma of white chocolate and fresh raspberries with a flavour that doesn’t disappoint. White choclate and raspberry fill the mouth with a lovely lingering tartness from the raspberries.”

Served in a footed flute glass. This pilsner offers a strawberry red complexion with a fizzy two finger cap emerging on top. The head gradually shrinks to a thin sheet that weaves a fine lace down the walls of the glass. The nose certainly leads out with the tart raspberries. We’d have to admit the white chocolate is very subtle but it does come through with a slightly milky creaminess that counters the acidity of the raspberries. There’s a delicate spice coming through too, it’s a bit sulfuric like turmeric or cumin. Not a whole lot else happening really other than this uncanny similarity to a framboise. The texture of the beer is fizzy and highly carbonated. There’s suggestions of acidity but it’s more tart than sour. Quite light on and incredibly easy in to the swallow. The taste follows on from the nose – a big impression of tart raspberries and mild acidity on entry. A restrained milky chocolate flavour creeps in across the mid leading in to a crisp and pleasantly smooth fruity finish. Well lads if there was ever a way to get your misses in to craft beer it would be this. It’s light, sparkling and fruity – kind of a mix between framboise, rosè and kriek with hints of white chocolate thrown in. Unfortunately there’s hardly any pilsner characters which is a bit of a shame. Ah well we enjoyed the novelty of it.