Baird beer ‘angry boy’ brown ale


Baird beer angry boy brown ale“Beneath the cool façade of the warrior, a red-hot flame of intensity, determination and, yes, anger burns. So it is with this unpredictable Brown Ale: fleeting malty sweetness and warmth hide complexity, a barely controlled bitterness, and, naturally, a bit of an angry edge”.

We can’t resist a good brown ale, and this Japanese brewery are up there with the best in the country. Served in a shaker glass the muddy brown pour whipped up a nice one and a bit fingers worth of tan head which settled to a thin cap of foam over the top. It has a very typical brown ale aroma, offering up viscous caramel and toffee that dominates. Dark malts, cocoa and some chocolate do balance with a very subtle hint of piney hops. In the mouth it feels round and full bodied. The flavour also consists of caramel and toffee with subtle additions of resinous pine and grapefruit upfront. Some sweet malts linger nicely and the 6% ABV shows through just enough to pack a nice little punch to finish. Quite a hoppy brown ale here, almost verges on a soft BIPA. A lot of character to this beer, we really like it. Almost sessionable but a better sipping beer. Really solid offering.