Barebottle Brew Co ‘Very Best Bad Things’ Double IPA


41482753_950164178501061_7381278525153607680_n“In 1855, author Hinton R. Helper wrote, “California can and does furnish the very best bad things obtainable in America.” We’ve worked hard to develop a beer that delivers against that famous quote: a juicy, smooth, very drinkable double IPA that will make you glad you live in the wild west.”

Glassware: IPA glass.

Appearance: Cloudy AF! Kind of golden orange looking body with a well maintained cap on top. It hangs a sheet of lace down the sides of the glass. Looks good!

Aroma: Smells of freshly sliced oranges, tangerine and mandarin peel. Well supported by a litany of other tropical fruits i.e mango, pineapple, melon and papaya along with a herbal undertone…we’d say fennel as it offers a bit of spiciness as well. Apricot and a touch of oats as it settles in the glass. Lovely!

Flavour: We taste a wave of tropical and stone fruit wash over the tongue. Following on with orange citrus, pine and apricot that give a little rise to some warning alcohol. Some citric bitterness forming around the mid which leads in to the fruity and slightly herbaceous finish. Good duration in the tail.

Mouthfeel: Pretty well balanced. The bitterness is assertive but the oats hand the texture a smooth and well rounded profile. 8% AbV – reasonably well hidden. Medium body.

Overall: To be honest it didn’t really blow us away. On the upside though it does hit its mark – juicy, fruity, bitterness is nicely tucked away and the malt bill is creamy and oaty. It’s no Heady or Very Green but it’s still a fairly decent NEIPA.