Beer here & moon dog collab. ‘Freaks & geeks’ Danish farmhouse ale (Saison)


Beer here & moon dog collab Freaks & geeks Danish farmhouse aleThis is an interesting beer with an even more interesting label. Beer here (Denmark) and our very own Moon Dog (Melbourne, Australia) put their brewing knowledge together to produce this Danish farmhouse ale. Served in a wide-rimmed tulip glass the dark brown pour offers a frothy beige head. The aroma is dominated by funky wild yeasts, smoke and peaty characteristics. Some depth is evident here with tart hints of sour cherry, pear, roasted chocolate malts and subtle spicy hop notes. Very disorderly and essentially complex aroma and flavours happening here so it’s for the more adventurous beer drinker. Initially, on the palate we picked up dark fruits, raisins and chocolate. Some spice and licorice as well. The rich and moreish flavours are even more accentuated with hints of toffee, charcoal and leather with only a touch of vinous hops and fleshy pear to balance. At 7.6% it’s well hidden by the strong flavours being juggled on the palate. Very strange beer but we would recommend giving it a nudge just to experience the complexity and utter chaos that’s on offer here.