Behemoth Brewing Co ‘Sauvin Slayer’ NZ Double IPA


image“Big Dank NZ hops will take you to the other side of hoppiness! All Nelson Sauvin Hopped Double IPA… here to collect hop heads!”

Served in an IPA glass. Sauvin Slayer pours a bright golden orange with two fingers of well retained foam perched on top. Healthy lace.
Those aromatic Nelson Sauvin hops are erupting out of the glass with big grapefruit, orange peel, tropical fruit and dank pine notes leading out. It also has a mild acidity to it, like you would get from a young sauvignon blanc. Undertones of white grapes, vines, subtle white pepper and freshly cut grass with a gentle honey malt backbone to fill it out. Great depth on the nose.
Firm texture. The 8% ABV pairs with the assertive hop bitterness (75 IBU) but softens in to a moderate dryness in the swallow. Medium bodied.
We’re getting a lot of bitter and citric grapefruit coming on upfront. Much like the aroma there are additions of orange peel and pine in support with the big hops being countered by a line of semi sweet malt cutting through the mid. The hefty hop bitterness returns with notes of fresh cut grass and grapefruit to finish it all off.
Another fine offering from this Auckland based brewery. If you’ve been keeping up with our recent reviews you’d have noticed that this is about our 3rd review for this brewery in as many days. They’re a fantastic little operation but very hard to find in Australia so if you want to wrap your laughing gear around one then you’ll probably have to order them in straight from NZ. Or mule them back like we did!