Big Shed Brewing Co. ‘F Yeah’ American Pale Ale


12068394_441445916039559_7417819686402382353_o“Our loving tribute to the craft beer staple – the American Pale Ale. A base pale malt provides the foundation and ably supports the aromatic and biscuit malt, giving the beer its backbone. Hops are added at the start of the boil and again at the end, providing the citrus aroma balancing a firm bitterness. This badboy ain’t no light beer and can be enjoyed at any time. Do we think you’ll love it? F*** YEAH!”

Served in a shaker glass. Got a little heavy handed with this pour so a healthy three fingers worth is propped up over a hazy amber/orange body. The head does shrink down hastily but maintains a fine cap on top which releases random patches of lace as it recedes. We honestly can’t remember the last time we reviewed an APA (maybe the Hop Thief no.7 when it was first released?) so the big, resiny hop character that APA’s are renowned for is a welcome reminder. Fresh punchy hops are lifting out of the glass as wafts of pine, mandarin, orange, passion fruit, peach and a lick of grapefruit work off a solid biscuity malt base. Definitely a hint of caramel coming through too. Very nice. The texture of the beer is smooth with a little dryness developing on the back palate. Lively Co2 with medium body and a well contained bitterness (45 IBU). It’s quite safe to say that the palate is much more malt-forward than the aroma, although an evident (but mild) hop bitterness is injected. The smooth caramel sweetness and hints of earth have a lovely splash of mandarin and resinous pine flowing through. Butterscotch springs to mind as the beer finishes with a mild dryness and suggestions of orange citrus and buttery/biscuity malts to round it out. This is a damn fine representation of the style. The hops are fresh and lively and the biscuity/caramel malts work to balance them all out. All the while with a well hidden 5.5% ABV and overall appeal. Another top shelf brew from this South Australian craft brewery.