Blue moon brewing co. Belgian Wit


imageWe first tried this on tap in the UK last year and drank only this for the rest of the night. Although this beer is predominantly brewed in the USA by Coors we are pretty sure we were told that the Blue Moon we were drinking that night in London was brewed in Canada.

Anyway, we served in a weizen glass, the hazy golden/orange pour generates a big, foamy 3 finger white cap that shrunk down to a fine layer on top. Laced well despite the diminishing head. The aroma was slightly restrained but is offering up subtle hints of wheat malts, orange peel & blossom, banana, coriander, spice and a touch of grain. Light bodied with mild carbonation. Highly drinkable. The palate initiates with a very light on combination of orange blossom, grain and some wheat malts upfront. There is a mild dryness through the mid which leads to the super smooth, dry finish, revealing a muted spiciness on the back end. At 5.4% the booze is very well hidden. So sessional it’s not funny, not as good as we remember it to be (we know this is craft beer faux pas) but drop a slice of orange in with it and taste the difference. Good drop for a mass production brewery.