Boatrocker 2020 ‘Roger Ramjet’ BA Imperial Stout


“Roger Ramjet is our bourbon barrel aged version of the classic Ramjet. This years release has been aged in ever so delicious Buffalo Trace barrels for a little over 10 months. The result is pronounced bourbon character, balanced by the barrel notes of vanilla, coconut and oak. Full bodied, rich, and decadent, with all the complexity of the Ramjet base (chocolate, roast, malty)”

Glassware: Snifter.

Appearance: Black and totally impenetrable. It forms a short brown head which gradually recedes and settles at the rim. Some spotty lace as we go.

Aroma: The Buffalo Trace barrels are really prominent. Straight bourbon gives way to classic notes of vanilla, brown sugar, all spice and toasty oak. Subtle impy stout characters here and there – rich molasses, charred malt, dark chocolate and espresso. Intense! It should be marketed as a can of Buffalo Trace bourbon with a splash of imperial stout!

Flavour: Holy moly…the impy stout characters have come to the table. Aggressive and charred…lots of dark chocolate and molasses, licorice, espresso and burnt toast. Enter the Buffalo Trace barrels again bringing that signature toasty oak, vanilla, spice and brown sugar/toffee with it. The finish is big and menacing and chock-full of bourbon-y goodness.

Mouthfeel: Oily, slick and full bodied. Plenty of warmth from the booze (10.9% ABV) and more than likely boosted by the bourbon.

Overall: 10 months in first use barrels…now it all makes sense! Interesting that they’ve opted for the bottle/can split…Boatrocker say they want to see what the effect of bottling and canning would do to the flavour profile over time. We shall see as we got a bunch of both cans and bottles ourselves! Solid drop.