Boatrocker ‘misfit’ Belgian ale


imagePicked this bottle up from Purvis Cellars. It’s nice to come along a beer like this every now and then. Only a relatively new brewery so this is our first crack at their range. Australia has been a bit slow to react to the craft beer revolution, that’s why when we hear about Aussie brewers who jumped on the craft beer boat (pun intended!) well over 15 years ago, it’s hard not to show your respect.

Served in a snifter glass this Belgian ale pours a cloudy straw gold with an attractive red hue. The lovely 1 and a half finger head retains well with a good amount of lacing evident. Plenty of citrus emanating off the aroma, we get punchy lemon, some fruit esters, subtle spice and herbal hops also coming through. In the mouth it’s slightly fizzy with medium-high carbonation. Moderately bodied. The assertive hop bitterness upfront leaves a lingering bitterness on the palate. Subtle citrus, clove and peppery spice are picked up in the mid with a delicate alcohol warmth (6.2%) and some doughy notes rounding it off. It’s like the softer, more sessional version of the Duvel. To be honest, we weren’t overly blown away but to cap it all off it’s not a bad drop. Light and palatable and perfect for a warm summer’s afternoon. Not bad.