Bottle Logic ‘Leche Borracho’ BA Spiced Imperial Stout


“Imperial Stout brewed with ancho peppers, cinnamon, cacao nibs, and lactose sugar aged in tequila and bourbon barrels.”

Glassware: Snifter.

Appearance: Pitch black with a short brown head. As it peels back it reveals lots of small red flakes which we’re guessing are the leftover ancho chillies! Very cool….or very hot?

Aroma: So much happening yet it’s still so smooth and luxurious. The main scents are sweet chocolate, vanilla/lactose, spicy ancho chillies and cinnamon. Peppery spice turns up late as we pick up sugary dark fruits like dates and raisin. Bourbon oak creeping in as it settles. The tequila barrels are a bit muted but we’re not at all bummed by that!

Flavour: As anticipated the ancho chillies have an immediate effect, dropping subtle heat alongside bittersweet chocolate, cacao and milk sugars. A touch of molasses and licorice nicely integrated amongst the spicy and warming bourbon, cinnamon and pepper. Kinda sweet yet roasty and spicy finish which goes the distance.

Mouthfeel: She’s oily but holds a nice viscosity. Warming as well. Mild-moderate Co2. 11.7% ABV showing through a smidge.

Overall: Classic BL. Complex and layered but so so smooth and decadent. Superb.