Bottle Logic ‘Red Eye November’ BA Imperial Coffee Stout


“We’re thrilled to announce the release of the fifth bottled batch of our legendary RedEye November, a Stasis Project variant that features an exclusive blend of coffee beans masterfully roasted by our friends at Mostra Coffee.”

Glassware: Snifter.

Appearance: As black as midnight with very little head formation. Minimal lacing as we go.

Aroma: As expected it’s oozing with sweet espresso and molasses but also well supported by the spicy Bourbon oak barrels. There’s a few interesting little adjuncts swirling around too – cherry being one of the more noticeable – but we’re also picking up hints of blueberry and dried prunes. The addition of rye malt just goes to show the class these guys possess…just hinting at enough peppery spice to bolster the coffee and Bourbon. Love!

Flavour: Trust BL to start with a BA Imperial Coffee Stout and take it to new heights. It’s like they’ve perfected the base Coffee Stout then their creative genes have kicked in so they’ve barrel aged it, then thrown in some rich molasses, then countered that richness with some spicy rye malt and the result is this next level BBA Stout on steroids…which is literally like a drug to the taste buds. Anything less than amazing won’t do for BL.

Mouthfeel: Dense but still oily enough to roll over the tongue with ease. Full bodied with just the slightest amount of warmth from the 13% ABV.

Overall: What more can we say? These guys just don’t take a step back. By now, we’ve tried dozens of beers from their Stasis Project and they have a 100% success rate. We’ve never had anything less than superb when it comes to this range. We may pay a high price for it but damn, it’s worth every penny.