Brew dog ‘Tokyo’ oak aged stout


imageOnce again, we have absolutely blown our record of our strongest beer ever tried out of the water. Initially starting with the Moon dog Cognac barrel-aged stout a few weeks back at 15.4% and now on the back of the 8 wired ‘Bumaye’ coming in at a deadly 16% comes this new behemoth absolutely squashing it at an absolutely ridiculous 18.2% ABV!! Taking the no.1 spot for our strongest beer we’ve ever drunk.

Poured into a tulip glass (or a snifter) and displaying a mat black colour, the thin but lasting tan head simmers down to a ring around the edge of the glass. Laced well despite the lack of foam. Along with the sharp waft of alcohol comes a sour and moreish mix of oak, vanilla, leather, booze, cherry, phenols and bitter espresso. And then comes the first sip. Far out! Low carbonation and mild bitterness. Initially there’s a sweet and sour mix of molasses, dates, cranberry, licorice and cherry. Complex undertones of raisins, irradol A and phenols add another layer of mind blowing flavours. Mouth feel is thick and heavy and at times syrupy which becomes quite cloying in the end. Full bodied and a touch creamy at times. Wow. Just wow, we like to consider ourselves highly adventurous beer drinkers but this may be just a tad too strong for us. We’re already tipsy!