Brew moon ‘Amberley’ pale ale


image“A fresh, bright, fruity pale ale, late hopping with Nelson grown Cascade hops enhances the aromatics. ( 4% Alc.)”

This is our first crack at this Kiwi breweries range. Served in a shaker glass the slightly golden-orange pour whipped up a one and a half fingers worth of fluffy white foam. Good head retention and lacing. Nelson grown Cascade hops provide a dominant fruity-hop aroma with delicate floral undertones of grapefruit, passion fruit, pine, and orange zest. Grainy malts offering a little balance. Quite thin, slippery mouth feel with moderate carbonation. Light body. Similar to the aroma we picked up soft citrus in the fore-flavour. Pine and some grassy hops marry up with a hint of nutty malt that cuts through the mid-palate. Crisp, fruity finish with mild bitterness. Slightly short on length but essentially this is a clean pale ale that would pair well with gamey white meats like pork but could also pair well with seafood as well. Nice, versatile pale ale here. Not bad.