Brew moon ‘dark side’ stout


image“This is a strong, dark and full flavoured. The chocolate malts and roast barley balance the higher alcohol, giving a beer that while it is very is also creamy and easy to drink. ”

This little known brewery is situated in Canterbury on the South Island of New Zealand. Their website clearly states their respectable M.O as using only local ingredients to support sustainability along with being very passionate about offering unfiltered and non-pasteurised beers. Can’t disagree there! Served in a beer tulip the mat black pour generated a thin tan head that eventually settles to a 2 mm cap that leaves healthy lace clinging to the glass. Off the nose we detect a gorgeous mix of gamey meats, toffee, roasted biscuity malts, chocolate, coffee and cocoa. In the mouth we’re enjoying a creamy texture with moderate carbonation. Medium body. We picked up a decent whack of chocolate and coffee up front. Through the mid there is a subtle and delicious hint of toffee that picks up a slight hop bitterness, delivering a slightly short lived roasty finish. The length could be a little longer but for 6% ABV this is such a super smooth stout! Nicely layered flavours with good overall balance. Decent offering.