Bright Brewery ‘Black Diamond’ India Black Ale


15965250_631310580386424_3165288506610104021_n“Bright brewer’s first India Black Ale is a tribute to the black diamond ski runs of Victoria’s alpine snow resorts. Those most challenging runs of Hotham and Falls Creek are our playground in the winter, and this beer is our salute to all who conquer them.”

Served in an IPA glass. Jet black in appearance. A big three finger head lays on top, boasting excellent retention as it weaves a healthy lace down the walls of the glass.
This smells pretty bloody good folks. We take in a brilliantly well balanced combination of spicy and earthy hops above a heavily roasted malt base of espresso, burned wood, tobacco and licorice. She’s quite vinous as well, imparting hints of leaves and fresh herbs. Maybe a slightly medicinal character in here but all in all it’s a very good aroma.
There’s a good density in the mouth. It’s also quite creamy and full bodied with an assertive hop bitterness cutting in. Co2 is nice and vibrant and the 5.7% ABV is discrete.
There’s actually a big impression of piney hops on the front palate. Layers of earthy malt and tobacco take over as the punchy herbal hops are introduced mid way. The flavour reverts back to the piney hops before it finishes on a blend between dank grassy hops and roasted dark malts. Reasonably good length on the rear.
Although we’re frequent travellers to the NSW ski resorts the same rule applies – the black diamond runs looks fun but they should never be underestimated. Just like this beer, she may only come in at 5.7% ABV but there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Fine offering.