Burleigh brewing ‘black giraffe’ black coffee lager


image“Imagine the world’s two most popular brews coming together in one glass”.

We love this concept, if you don’t find us in the pub or at home sinking crafties on the weekend you’ll see us in a cafe sipping on coffees. These 2 flavours are meant for each other..like 2 peas in a pod. Served in a dimpled mug the opaque, cola-like pour produces a short, filmy tan head that retains quite well but minimal lacing is shown. Gorgeous wafts of roasted espresso dominates the nose. Undertones of vanilla, dark chocolate, toffee and roasted dark malts also come through handing this nose a rich decadence. Medium carbonation with moderate body. We guess this is where the lager side comes in as the body isn’t heavy like a porter or a stout, just really well balanced. Flavour is delicious. Espresso dominates the palate with a subtle hint of hops, roasted malts, chocolate and a touch of leather. Bitter espresso finish that lingers well on to the back end. A modest 5% ABV doesn’t add much to the flavour but it doesn’t take any away either. Really impressed with the overall balance, all the hallmarks of a tasty stout are here but with the light body of a lager. Good drop.