Burlington Beer Co ‘Time Of The Chimpanzee’ NEIPA


“Time of the Chimpanzee is a New England style IPA, brewed exclusively with New Zealand grown hops. A blend of six New Zealand grown hop varieties; Wakatu, Waimea, Moutere, Kohatu, Wai-iti, and Rakau creates flavors and aromas of Ripe Nectarines, Honey drizzled Grapefruit, Lemon Zest, Gooseberry, Passionfruit and Mandarin Orange Juice. Brewed with Barley, Flaked Oats, Wheat Malt, Raw Wheat, and Oat Malt to create a medium body IPA. The name references lyrics by Beck from his album Mellow Gold.”

Glassware: IPA.

Appearance: Turbid, pastel off-yellow complexion and a big fluffy two and a half finger head capping it off. Good retention and healthy lace work as it ebbs.

Aroma: Smells fantastic. The brewers have used 6 different NZ hop varieties in this NEIPA (pretty much every hype NZ hop available)…Wakatu, Waimea, Moutere, Kohatu, Wai-iti and Rakau. The only one missing is good ol’ Nelson Sauvin. Proper fruit salad notes with a hefty backing of cereal malt, oats and wheat grains. Quite creamy, a little sweet and spicy as well. Diggin’ it.

Flavour: It’s interesting coz it tastes noticeably different to all the NZ-hopped IPA’s and Pale’s we’ve been getting amongst lately. Yes, they were all Antipodean-brewed so we’re thinking it may have something to do with the hops interacting with the yeast strains they’re using over there in NE nowadays. Alas, still lots of various fruit flavours, some pithiness, dry chalky tones, oats and wheat grains into the bone dry, grassy and oat-laden finish.

Mouthfeel: Creamy initially, well aerated, light-moderate body. Dry in the finish. Finely carbed and a well disguised 6.5% ABV.

Overall: Very cool to see these guys on our shores. A true New England brewery. Can’t really say a whole lot for this beer though…it’s just meh. No real standout characters to it which is insane considering the amount of hop variety in it. 🤷