Cellarmaker ‘Dobis’ Tropical Pale Ale


“We are firm believers in letting ingredients speak for themselves. Over crowding recipes with numerous ingredients can often times obfuscate complexity, not deepen it. Dobis P.A. is a lesson in just that, simplicity. We single hopped this pale ale with one of our favorite hops, Citra. It’s tropical aromatics of papaya and mango and its pungent flavor layers deliciously with the high quality malt. In fact, 95% of the malt we used was Golden Promise, an heirloom Scottish barley with a clean honey graham cereal character. We hope you enjoy this brew because this is who we are; it’s what we do.”

Glassware: Shaker.

Appearance: Turbid Sandy golden complexion with two fingers of fluffy white head resting atop. Gradual reduction and spotty lace as we go.

Aroma: Light and kinda shy but there’s a wealth of tropical fruit and citrus in here…just have to dig the old schnozz in deep! Sweet and fleshy stonefruit such as paw paw, mango and lychee alongside pineapple, mixed citrus and herbal spice. It’s got that dry, chalky and bready malt profile filling it out nicely. Decent!

Flavour: Again, very light on but quietly dominated by the fusion of tropical fruit and sweet fleshy stonefruits. The dry and bready malt bill cutting through just enough to balance. Turns more citrusy late in the piece and delivers a slightly dry and fruity finish.

Mouthfeel: Ultra smooth and fluffy. Lightly sparkling Co2 and mild-medium body. 5.7% ABV gives it that extra edge.

Overall: Ridiculously crushable. The feeling we get from this is it’s super mellow summer neck oil with an ABV that will creep up on you if not careful (so typical of the Yanks!). Solid.