CoConspirators Brewing ‘The Middleman’ IPA


imageGlassware: Poured into a schooner glass.

Appearance: Minimally hazy light copper with a sudsy white 10mm head that fades quickly, leaving just moderate sized bubbles clinging around the rim of the glass. Mild carbonation seen rising slowly.

Aroma: More malt driven aroma here out of the glass. Juicy caramels, with a mixture of ripe tropical fruits, pine from the citra but out of the can it’s more heavily citrus flavours shining ie grapefruit. Of note..fresh grapefruit juice from Market Juice is added into the brew.

Flavour: Wow..upfront is the grapefruit juice used. It’s not overly acidic and tart but you get every bit of fresh grapefruit citrus on the palate. Bitterness is present but not overpowering (only 30 IBU). The malts sit behind the grapefruit giving it a sweetness but not sickly. We get pine, pithy citrus, and more grapefruit juice. It really is the dominant factor here. Everything else really is in the background. We lose most of the tropical aroma.

Mouthfeel: Alcohol vol of 7.4% and it’s impressively absent. Body is moderate only and has decent length mainly from grapefruit juice acidity/tartness. Carbonation is again mild. Bitterness from all the hops and grapefruit is surprisingly curtailed.

Overall: It doesn’t top our favourite from these guys (Matriarch) but the tart and juicy grapefruit is a nice addition for this IPA. It went down a treat and we would purchase again.