Colonial Brewing Co. Draught Kolsch Ale


13619949_545152445668905_5348809651003718798_n“Pale gold in colour, Colonial Draught shows hints of lemon sorbet and is complimented by a subtle background of passionfruit and green herb. The nose flows to the palate which is tight, spotlessly clean, fresh, zesty and focussed, delivering a very approachable beer.”

Served in a beer tulip. The pale golden pour produces a fizzy two finger head that holds up reasonably well. It eventually shrinks down to a fine overlay with scarce lace trails clinging to the glass. The nose is quite dry and dusty with elements of hay and grainy malts at the forefront. Lashes of tangy citrus and grapes give it an almost champagne-like character at times. Maybe a hint of herbal/floral hop notes coming through too. Pretty good, smells fresh and super clean. In the mouth it’s light and airy with a crisp texture. Carbonation is vibrant and the body sits around the mild-medium mark. So sessional. The taste follows on from the aroma nicely. Upfront we get dry straw-like accents over a subtle citrus tang. The grainy/bready malts pop up early in the mid as a gentle hop dryness carries it through. A fresh herbal note then leads in to the slightly dry and snappy finish that offers light fruity notes on the back palate. This is one of those times when you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The very plain and uninspiring label is the opposite of what’s happening inside the can. Which is a summery, light, crisp and uber sessional ale. This was our first crack at this WA breweries range and going off first experiences we’ll be back for a second. Solid Kolsch.