Dainton Family Brewery ‘Manhattan Ale’ 2016 Barrel Aged Belgian Rye Ale


14095841_560369167480566_6434501461140369685_n“First brewed in collaboration with the Everleigh in 2015, this sexy rye based brew is back for its 2nd rendition. Enjoy our elixirs in the company of your annoying family, knowing that at least one of our family members was harmed in the creation of this brew.”

We popped the classy wax-dipped cap off and served in to a wide rimmed tulip. The crimson appearance is capped by a slowly receding khaki head that strews a few soapy patches of lace as it ebbs. The nose presents itself as strong, Belgian, spicy and a little funky. Definitely getting some oaky/woody notes coming through as well. Very malt-forward, revealing a subtle rye whiskey accent as the aroma gradually intensifies. Certainly detecting a stronger rye spiciness as the beer settles in the glass. Quite nice, a little complex and essentially a decent aroma. In to the mouth it’s warming with an assertive bitterness developing in the swallow. Slightly gassy in texture with a slight sting from the 9.7% ABV. Nice plump body. Drinks well. Upfront the palate welcomes a sharp, spicy, rye malt flavour with suggestions of whiskey and oak in support. Midway we get toffee and or caramel malts as a delicate residual sugary sweetness comes through in its delivery. A light funky bitterness then creeps in as a long, dry finish imparts plummy and spicy notes along with woody tannins on the back end. Quite a unique and unconventional brew this one. It’s actually difficult to categorize. At the core it’s a strong Belgian ale that’s been barrel aged and brewed with rye malts. There are also similarities to a Quadrupel. Abbey ale, BBA, Quad or Roggenbier? You decide, either way it’s a tasty drop that should be slowly sipped and would benefit from semi-firm, hearty cheeses like cheddar, gruyere and edam.