Deep Creek Brewing Co ‘Undercurrent’ Pilsner


17523141_805944729589674_2396578181882252725_n“Point breaks, sunshine, crisp beers on hot days. This easy drinking pilsner has a calm malt profile, with an undercurrent of lemon zest. We take its traditional bohemian beginnings, and introduce a taste of New Zealand with the addition of local hops, to produce this latest wave in the Deep Creek set.”

Glassware: Footed flute.

Appearance: Slightly milky straw yellow colour with a two finger mound over the top. Good head retention and healthy lacing in the glass.

Aroma: Mostly citrus and passion fruit with a dry and grainy cereal malt structure. Slightly tart lemon/lime, young sauvignon blanc, subtle spice and hay also in the make up. All very nice and refreshing but it’s a bit restrained and underwhelming.

Flavour: We’d say there is a bit more pronunciation on the malts – hay, cereal and grains with a mild fruity hop developing mid way. Not a great deal of depth as it rolls in to a light, fruity finish which pulls up a bit short on the back end.

Mouth feel: Super smooth texture. Light on, mild bitterness and mild-moderate co2. Effortless but a little weak.

Overall: Middle of the road pilsner here. While it’s uber seesional it seems to lack depth and character. It’s a 50/50 traditional to new world pilsner with the Bohemian malt bill and a NZ hop profile but we’ve had better to be honest.