Doctor’s orders “Iron lung” Black imperial pilsner


10412010_270120456505440_9008722028377236984_n“Everything is better in black. Everything is better with more hops.”

On tap at Blackrock brasserie, served in a tulip glass the appearance displays an opaque black with a persistent finger and half of beige head that retains and laced quite well. Aroma of licorice, coffee, caramel, charred malts and grains. Some subtle dank wafts of dark chocolate and vanilla fly quietly under the radar as well. Mouth feel is quite oily with mild carbonation and medium body. A little astringency due to the 7% ABV. From start to finish the taste is surprisingly bitter due to the presence of espresso and hops. Hints of chocolate and vanilla balance it out to produce an overall quality beer. Good length. We’re perplexed at the fact this is a Pilsner, for us it was more like a black IPA/porter hybrid. Really interesting beer, and points for complexity and style. Big ups we’re going for another.