Einstök Icelandic pale ale


image“American and Bavarian craft come together with the finest Icelandic water to create the Viking version of the Pale Ale, where robust hoppiness meets smooth malty undertones. Cascade hops give it the American character, while Northern Brewer hops add just enough bitterness to make this Ale refreshingly Icelandic. ”

This is our first crack at a beer from the country affectionately known as the ‘land of fire and ice’ due to the amount of volcanoes and glaciers that feature all over the landscape. Served in a shaker glass the clear amber pour constructs a thin white head that settles to a ring of foam around the edge of the glass. Minimal lacing. Aroma is quite simple and well balanced with toasty/caramel malts, floral hops, earthy grains and subtle zest making it up. Mouth feel is smooth as silk with mild carbonation. Moderate body. Flavour is just crisp, clean and sessional. Subtle presence of caramel malt, fruity hops and grain from the start to finish. Slightly one-dimensional but we could easily smash a whole case of these. The 5.6% ABV is very well hidden. To sum it up, this beer was smooth and sessional, but could be seen as bland to some. We thought it was decent. Hats off to the Icelanders for this one. Good stuff.