Emersons ‘red rye’ 2014 trans Tasman challenge


imageWe loved emersons more before lion Nathan nz bought them out but they still brew nice beers and we have a fondness for Dunedin NZ, and this is a challenge between them and little creatures brewery. The story goes that each brewery challenge the other to make a style of beer that’s new to them with all new ingredients provided by the challenger (in this case by little creatures, and the main additives are topaz and ella hops, with naked oats which are hull less and have a higher nutrient value). We love it.

Poured into a shaker, there is a 1cm head which takes time to fade, and in the end leaves half that. There is a gorgeous Amber/mahogany hue with very minor carbonation. Lovely tropical fruit nose with a herby, resinous touch. Mouthfeel is full and there is a contained bitterness on the palate with mild to medium carbonation. Presence of sweet malt here and a spicy, almost breath mint finish to it. Definite grapefruit here also and maybe stewed apricot? There is patchy lacing on the glass as we imbibe. Sitting at 6.2% alc vol, it’s well blended with the sweet malt and creaminess of the rye. This is a friggen awesome drop. Very, very tasty and we are extremely interested in trying the repost from little creatures. A must try for the craft beer lover.