Epic ‘IMP’ Sessional IPA


image“Epic IMP, has just been released in time for the coming summer holiday season. Brewed as a session IPA, it is SMALL (4.7% alc/vol) and MISCHIEVOUS (generously dry hopped like an IPA. It has more dry hop than the Epic Armageddon IPA). With the ever increasing challenge of brewing the next IPA even bigger than the last, brewer Luke Nicholas decided to take on the scary task of brewing a beer that was sub 5% alc.vol but still keep the big hop aromas and flavours that Epic has become famous for around the world. From the taste of this beer it looks to have been a success.”

Served in to an IPA glass. There’s magnificent clarity as we gaze upon this bright golden-amber appearance. Over the top sits an off white finger and a half’s worth of loosely packed foam that gradually reduces leaving some healthy lace trails clinging to the glass. The nose is so fruity, it’s packing that much aroma that we can smell the hops from where our glass is sitting. Just the gentlest of swirls lifts big notes of lychee, kiwi fruit, pineapple, passion fruit, white grapes and ruby grapefruit. A good dose of honey and caramel malts are provided, lending a delicate balance to offset the dominant fruits. Gorgeous! In the mouth it’s soft and slightly dry with a frothy texture. Mild-moderate body with lively carbonation. We get quite a firm earthy flavour upfront. A delicate bitterness provides a little grip as it flows through the tropical fruit sweetness that carries forward through the mid. Some mild biscuity malts blend with vinous/herbal notes to finish a little bitter and dry with a hint of grassy hops on the back palate. 4.7% ABV. This is a brilliant concept. If only all of our local pubs and clubs could offer such flavoursome beers without the excessive alcohol levels. It would be a craft beer drinkers dream. Good brew, nothing overly flashy just a tasty, super sessional IPA. Not bad at all.