Exit Brewing/Kaiju ‘Schopsh’ ale collaboration


imageEver wondered what would happen if you combine the malt blast of an Exit Scotch ale with the hop tornado from Kaiju? Behold Schopsh. Allow your tastebuds to be decimated. Dem fighting words.

This is an interesting one cause we love Kaiju and have had a couple of Exit brews but havn’t found them as good as Kaiju. We interested to see what flavours shine here. Poured into a tulip glass, we get a huge 20 mm head, full of dense off-white foam that retains beautifully. Very attractive ruby red/mahogany hue with minimal carbonation. First olfactory onslaught is peated malt, with milder tropical fruit sitting below it. Is there brown sugar? Quite nice actually. Our first taste equates to more peated malt, mild scent of whiskey, touches of pineapple, more mild grapefruit, and stewed dark fruits. Maybe an element of barrel flavours. This is a very smooth drop given the alcohol content (8%). Not too much bitterness, no overpowering peated malt, not too astringent from the booze content. It’s a complicated drop. There is minimal carbonation in the mouth, a balanced yet slightly lingering bitterness on the back palate, moderate body but not so full as to make you feel like your eating steak. This is a really nice, complex drop. There is very minimal lacing on the glass like it’s almost oily, but you don’t get oiliness on your lips. Well, this is a damn fine collaboration. Very tasy indeed.