Feral Brewing ‘Boris’ Russian Imperial Stout


11754897_436019356582215_4439368019865139963_o“Boris the Russian Imperial Stout from the cold depths of Mother Russia, cough, cough, we mean boom town Perth Western Australia. Boris pours jet black in colour with a tightly packed mocha head and viscous body. Boris is brewed using five specialty malts including roasted dark and chocolate barley imported from the free economic world. These malts contribute to bold espresso and chocolate aromas and flavours. Boris is a beer to be savoured and free of radical reform. Best enjoyed between 8-12*C”

This brewpub series from arguably one of the best breweries in Australia is another feather in an already well-feathered hat. The respectable size of their range is now even bigger with the additions of this R.I.S and other brews such as the Hopfenfahrt, iWit, Barrique Okarma and Tusk. The sky’s the limit for this WA brewery. Served in a beer tulip The impenetrable black pour conjures up a healthy two finger cap that rapidly reduces to a thin halo around the edges of our glass. Not a great deal of lacing to be seen. Very rich and robust on the nose. All the main stayers are here…heavily roasted malt, dark chocolate, espresso coffee and cocoa are in abundance. Creeping through are hints of licorice, milk powder and just the slightest touch of acetone that hands this aroma a kind of nose-scrunching astringency. Pretty damn good though, a lot to like here already. In the mouth it’s full bodied with a thick, viscous texture. Co2 levels are mild and the 9.1% ABV is brilliantly masked. The palate is treated to an aggressive show of force upfront. Rich chocolate, roasted malt and coffee are all boosted by a generous alcohol warmth that crescendo’s late on the front palate and tapers off through the mid. A delicate roast carries it through and delivers a slightly charred and surprisingly dry finish. After trying a few of the brewpub series beers we weren’t completely sold but this R.I.S has restored the faith. As these guys always do – a somewhat new world spin with a noticeable hop profile – they’ve managed a moreish stout with a nice hop twist. This is a damn fine drop from Feral.