Firestone Walker ‘Easy jack’ IPA


imageThis is such a quality brewery out of Paso Robles, California. We absolutely adore the double jack IPA, so when we saw this we had to have. There is nothing to learn from the label, other than its a “light” IPA, sitting at alc vol 4.5%.

Popping the cap we get a lovely tropical hop aroma, with that typical caramelised sweet malt backbone. Poured in a half pint, there is nice 10mm white head that fades slowly and holds halfway. Hues of hazy light copper. Mild carbonation seen in the glass. Such strong aromas of fairy floss sweetness, passion fruit, and mango. There is a gentle perfume like aroma, orange like? First sip is good bitterness on the palate but it fades slowly and leaves almost a residue on the back palate. Very smooth and balanced as all these beers are from this brewery. Given the lower alc vol, the malt backbone is far lighter and sits gently in the background, with less pungent tropical fruits. Bit more citrus here now, as you swish the brew around the gob. This must be the sweet perfume like aroma. There is decent carbonation here for a light IPA, and definately a moderate to full body and full of flavour. It’s definately better than most light IPA’s we have had. Very sessionable but the decent body would probably kick in after a few. We shouldn’t expect anything less really. Firestone are quality. Full stop.