Fox Hat Brewing ‘Lusty Lager’ Strong Lager


image“A strong, hoppy lager, fermented cool and clean and hopped with a heavy hand To the eye – A dense pure white head greets the eye. Golden orange and brilliant in clarity – lusty is a most attractive beer Up your nose – Breathe her in, shes clean and fresh. Notes of apricot, melon and tropical fruit fill your nose, and hints of spice and cedar follow In your mouth – her svelte malt body leads to seductive flavours. A lusty bitterness and clean crisp finish which belies her 6% alcohol.”

Served in a flute. Slightly hazy golden body with a huge three and a half finger head emerging on top. It retains really well and weaves a fine lace down the glass.
The aroma is driven by the hops which in this case impart notes of sweet fleshy stonefruits like rockmelon, mango and apricot. Maybe just the slightest pronunciation of orange citrus in there as well. A nice dry and doughy malt structure fills it all out.
Light on, silky smooth in texture with mild-moderate Co2. Just the slightest hint of warmth from the 6% ABV but ultimately it’s well concealed. Very approachable for its size.
She begins on a malty note upfront – dry and doughy flavours mainly with very subtle notes of wood chips developing mid way. A splash of that fruity hop sweetness is introduced late as it delivers a finish full of delicate bitterness and grainy cereal malts on the rear.
As we aren’t the biggest fans of lager we did have our reservations but we’re please to say that this bigger-than-usual lager has stepped up. Although it’s not an overly memorable drop the lifted ABV and IBU (48) gave us the sense that we were consuming something much bigger and flavoursome than your every day craft lager. Not bad at all.