Franziskaner weissbier


imageThis is a staple of a witbier. Easily found in most bottle shops and pouring through most taps in pubs like the Bavarian bier cafe and other German-inspired bars around major capital cities. We picked this bottle up from Dan Murphy’s.

Served in a weizen glass it’s pouring a slightly hazy golden yellow with a good 2 and a half finger head that steadily deconstructs and settles to a firm layer over the top. The head retains quite well and leaves some bubbly lace clinging to the glass. On the nose it’s slightly restrained with some faint lemon citrus, bready malts, wheat, banana, spice and grains. The prototype of Weissbier’s. In the mouth it’s soft and silky smooth with mild weight on the tongue. Medium carbonation. The palate offers much the same with a very crisp and clean mix of citrus, yeast, spice, some hay and banana leading to a slightly dry, bitter finish. Length is a little short. Quite a sessional beer. Not really a lot to speak of craft beer-wise but this beer is huge in Europe and in the Snowy Mountains (or anywhere you find snow). Sitting at a mild 5% ABV the alcohol doesn’t contest the flavours making it pretty easy to put down. All in all it’s a good representation of the style with minimal craftiness. Not bad.