Garage Project ‘The Wolf Man’ Imperial IPA


15079043_597417260442423_7609437569923729764_n“Roll up, roll up, ladies and gentlemen. Experience first hand the thrill and terror of the Wolfman. A freak of nature, some say he was conceived in a hop field, others that he was transformed by his own lust for Humulus lupulus. The result is the untamed creature you see before you, powerful, bitter and infused to his very core with the resinous essence of the hop bine. Be warned, this is not a beer for those who suffer from a delicate disposition.”

Served in an IPA glass. The hazy orange pour gets capped off by a finger of loosely held foam that quickly retreats to a ring with minimal lace being left behind. The lack of head is certainly made up in aroma as the olfactory’s are set alight by big orange citrus notes, mango, tangerine, dank pine resins, rock melon and faint scents of apricot. Quite a firm malt sweetness coming through too, we detect a biscuity and almost buttery malt that goes a long way to adding the crucial balancing factor to this aroma. Very nice. The mouth feel is chewy and somewhat foamy with a good dose of heady bitterness coating the palate. Co2 is kept at bay while a medium body provides a good weight in to the swallow. The wolf man reveals it’s aggression upfront as an assertive bitterness is emphasized by big, bitter citrus fruits and pine resins. As it rolls forward it’s nicely pulled back by the sweet and silky buttery malts. Hints of caramel also creep in as the bitter hops insist with juicy orange and tangerine through the mid, eventually finishing on a dry citrus note with a long resinous character on the rear. Ever since their “Death From Above” we’ve had some pretty average beers from garage project but this is the one we’ve been waiting for! It is spot on. Big in hops, resinous, aggressive and fruity but well countered by this smooth and sweet malt base. We know they have it in them to produce beers of this caliber but it’s the consistency that lets them down. On this occasion though…they nailed it.