Garage Project X Highland Park ‘Immense World’ West Coast Pilsner


“The Hāpi Sessions 2023, a hat-trick of collaborations from three breweries at the absolute top of their game, each showcasing a different hop forward beer in a playful ‘freestyle’ interpretation of the style that put them on the map. Hāpi Sessions Vol. 12 sees LA wunderkinds Highland Park come to the Garage to breathe new life into an old style with their hop fuelled West Coast take on the classic pilsner.”

Glassware: Footed Flute.

Appearance: Bright golden pour with a slight hop haze. Two fingers of tightly beaded foam sits neatly on top and leaves a tonne of soapy lacing in its wake.

Aroma: The only thing better than a finely brewed old world Pilsner is a NZ-hopped Pilsner. Hops such as the two used in this brew (Riwaka & Motueka) along with others like Nelson Sauvin and Wai-iti are made for the style. Not only due to their Saaz ancestry but because they impart this uniquely green and luscious pine forest quality. There are also strong floral notes, green mango, passionfruit and spruce.

Flavour: So damn tasty. So crisp and clean you’d almost be fooled into believing it’s good for you! Just the mildest brush of pine/resin, unripened nectary fruits and herbals upfront. Candied lime and passionfruit through the mid which sets up the ultra fine and green finish.

Mouthfeel: Crisp and incredibly clean. Perfectly rounded. Light-moderate body and the 6% ABV is very well disguised.

Overall: Insanely delicious. Seriously, if we were told we could only drink one beer for the rest of our lives this would be in the toss up. It’s just all-round perfect beer. Magnificent stuff.