Hargreaves hill brewing co. Stout


image“Brewed in the Foreign Export Stout style, this beer is made from 5 different dark roasted malts, and gently hopped using Goldings hops from the UK. It is quite complex and dry, with notes of espresso and dark chocolate.Bottled in 330ml bottles, 4 packs”

Picked this bottle up along with a few others from a little bottle shop in Bendigo. We were pleasantly surprised to see the range this little bottlo was offering. Poured into a tulip glass the appearance displayed an opaque black with a 1 cm tan head that dissipated quickly. Some spotted lacing was evident. First off the nose was gorgeous roasted espresso notes. Following was a fragrant mix of dark chocolate, leather, tobacco, fig and roasted crystal malts that are truly an absolute pleasure to take in. Mildly carbonated with a slightly dry mouth feel. Rich, complex flavours invade the palate upfront. Bitter espresso, charcoal and roasted malts make way for a slightly hoppy mid-palate. Again it’s the bitterness that takes a hold on the back end with hints of dark fruits and a full bodied bitterness that lingers. Great length. At 6.2% ABV this was an absolute delight to drink. Going off the label we weren’t expecting a great deal but this one really stood up. Big ups to Hargreaves hill this is a ripper of a stout.