Hawkers Beer Pilsner


18010566_679768122207336_4345616460908699371_n“Not the usual watered down industrial lager, this beer is clean, refreshing but never boring. Robust, full-bodied malt character at the beginning with an assertive bitter finish.”

Served in a flute glass. Clear, light golden hue with a thumb of fluffy white head forming on top. Retention is good, posting a set of rings as it recedes.
The aroma is light and crisp but also bold with a big impression of floral perfumes, pot pourri, peppery spice and herbal hops. A sturdy malt structure imparts a sweet honey note that’s reinforced with hints of white bread. Superb! Reserving the light, snappy characters of a pilsner but it comes at us with plenty of vigour. Loving this.
Crisp (there’s that word again), refreshing and light in the mouth. Zippy carbonation with a mild-moderate body. 45 IBU is well presented with a dry consistency throughout.
Lovely transition on to the palate with a good showing of floral hops, herbs and pepper on the fore. It drops in to a delicious malty sweet note through the mid developing a certain bready note before it’s wrapped up with a crisp, dry finish that provides spicy hop notes on the rear.
It has become quite clear that Hawkers simply can’t brew a bad beer. Furthermore we’re confident in saying that this is one of, if not, the best Aussie pilsner we’ve tried. As far as new world interpretations go this is right up there. Brilliant drop.