Hawkers Beer Saison


17798944_671346569716158_7669213768707755008_n“Refreshing, effervescent, cloudy-golden and complex, this is our take on the traditional Wallonian Saison.”

Served in a beer tulip. Super hazy straw yellow with a rocky two finger cap over the top. The head retains quite well and weaves a fine lace down the walls of the glass.
Gorgeous and classic saison aroma. Bursting with all that yeasty sweetness, pepper, herbs, banana and clove. Getting a faint hint of tart lemons but it’s more ripe and juicy with suggestions of angostura bitters and white grapes. Bubblegum, barnyard and a watermelon-like scent also begin to creep in as it settles. A very well executed aroma. Superb, even.
Nice and frothy in the mouth, partly due to the elevated Co2. Very mild acidity and only 5.6% ABV so it’s incredibly approachable. Mild-medium body.
The taste follows the nose with just the slightest bit of tartness coming through on the front palate. Pleasantly countered by this estery sweetness that offers candied fruits, bubblegum and earthy spice. Some herbal hop notes flanking the somewhat wheaty notes through the mid as it signs off on a grainy and slightly sweet malty finish. Fairly good endurance on the rear.
Another very well structured beer from Hawkers. As we’ve mentioned in a recent review these guys seem to nail down the basics and produce true-to-style interpretations that really hit the spot. Looking forward to their next offering.