Holgate brewhouse ‘temptress’ chocolate porter


imageSome beers just won’t take no for an answer. A sultry seducer, this luscious winter warmer infused with Dutch cocoa and whole vanilla beans takes an old story somewhere new and bewitching. In 2008, we introduced a swing in the hips and gleam in the eye to our classic porter recipe, with the inspired addition of rich cocoa and vanilla to an already robust brew. Together with a belnd of seven malts, the result is a complex palate of alluring chocolate, coffee and caramel flavours, balanced by a hint of vanilla. Be tempted!”

We can’t believe it’s taken us this long to do a review on one of the best porters we’ve ever had the opportunity to drink. We tried one of these beauties years ago and fell in love straight away. Poured into a tulip glass. The mat black appearance presents with a creamy 2 finger tanned head that reduces to a collar with reasonable lacing. One whiff and you’ll get an idea of how brilliant the aroma is. We detect quite an earthy mix of chocolate, roasted malt, espresso, cocoa, vanilla and caramel coming through. Maybe just a light hint of licorice spiciness too. Good depth, really decadent aroma. In the mouth it’s oily, flirting with being too thin at times but the bitterness (31 IBU) adds a little grip on the tongue. Mild carbonation. The flavour profile comes alive with a sturdy mix of chocolate malts, light smoke and brown sugar initially. A lovely dose of creamy vanilla in the mid leads to a roasted and bitter espresso finish. Great length, with all thanks to the chocolate component on the back end. 6% ABV is spot on. Top shelf porter, we could easily smash a 6 pack of these over a juicy steak and a rich, creamy dessert.