Hopdog beerworks ‘Holy snappin turtles’ Sour


imageWe thought it had been way too long since we quaffed a Hopdog brew so when we saw this Sour it was an instant purchase.

Served in a beer tulip the cloudy yellow/gold pour whipped up a bubbly 1 finger white head that simmers down to a thin dusting on top. Average lacing. What we’re dealing with here is a very complex aroma. The use of Shiraz barrels being subbed as fermentation tanks means subtle aromas of oak, damp wood and earth are backing up the sour overtones of lemon, raspberry and phenols. Plenty of yeasty funk and acidity from the addition of Brettanomyces offer the characteristic spice and farm yard aromas while a muted background of butter adds even more depth and complexity. Very interesting. In the mouth the slightly oily texture and mild carbonation tricks the taste buds before the clingy sourness takes hold of the tongue. Similar to the aroma, the palate is complex with an obvious tangy sourness kicking things off. Lemon rind, unripened berries and a slight mustiness meet a tart finish with a hint of sour cherry and oak on the rear palate. The length is a little short but when we factor in a well hidden 9.6% ABV we are pleasantly surprised. It has been subdued nicely, no harsh alcohol burn at all. We’d have to say this is a well executed beer, wild ales really aren’t our most favoured styles but this was quite approachable. Good offering.