Hunter Beer Co ‘Cranky Pants’ IPA


imageThis is an American style IPA, perfect for anyone who has a cranky pants in their life.

Brewed at Potters Brewery in the Hunter Valley, NSW, this brew is served in a champagne style bottle (750ml) for extra goodness. This brew is different to their previous addition, as the alcohol vol of 8.5% is higher than the old 7.2% that you could get on tap at the brewery. Popping this bad boy elicits juicy tropical fruits, a bold alcohol hit that is almost vinous, and some bready malt. The pour is a deep copper , with an almost ruby like body, with mild carbonation seen in the glass. There is a white 1 finger head that fades relatively slowly leaving a tiny cap. Plenty of soapy lacing as we sip. In the mouth, there is very subdued bitterness on the palate which is interesting. We thought there would be more. There is no stated IBU rating. Almost ale like in terms of carbonation. Surprisingly low astringency also on the tongue compared to the aroma. More flavours of grapefruit, and a white grape/wine hit . More doughy, sweet yeast flavours making up the moderate body. Again, there is an ale like quality which must be the use of English malts? As you hit the bottom of the glass, it’s a very smooth drop. Overall, this is a deceptively sweet, easy drinking IPA for 8.5%. Very low bitterness, but a rather enjoyable beer.