Josef Fruh Kolsch


12705755_479718935545590_855351043302286901_n“The popular beer of Cologne, with its delicious palatable taste the specialty Kölsch – and an original. The Cologne understands just to enjoy life and always finds a reason with a breakfast Kölsch abut. Even today it is brewed according to the original recipe by Peter Josef breakfast – the best ingredients and according to the German purity law. 1969 led the popular early Kölsch in the bottle a. So you could enjoy at home, too. That has not changed until today.”

Served in a shaker glass. The crystal clear golden pour whips up a meagre fingers worth of snow white foam before collapsing to a halo with scarce lace trailing behind it. As far as Kolsch aromas go you can’t get much more classic than this. Some bright floral hops work into a slightly estery pear/apple note initially. A somewhat grainy, hay-like malt also vies for attention as a hint of that dreaded wet cardboard aroma creeps through. Starchy undertones of crackers, white bread and raw potato round out a quintessential profile for a German Kolsch. In the mouth it’s incredibly light with a thin-ish texture. Co2 is vibrant though, really lending a boost of life to the mild body. Ultimately it’s crisp and super sessional. The flavour practically mirrors the aroma with a light floral hop note on the front palate. Certainly a hint of sweet malt here as a grainy/crackery malt carries through the mid. A subtle note of pear/apple leads to a crisp and dry finish with reasonable length to the back palate. At the end of the day it’s really one of those beers that’s just good without being great. Brewed for mass consumption so it would be perfect for Oktoberfest or even a long session on a hot Aussie afternoon. Tasty and very palatable but it’s nothing to write home about.