kAIJU ‘Peregrination’ IPA


imageAs far as we can tell this IPA from KAIJU has been collaborated with the Catfish and Breakside. Whoever they are…

Poured into a shaker glass we see a hazy golden orange with plenty of small carbonation seen rising up to the 10mm White head that drops out from the middle. Lovely pine nose with hints of sweet malt, orange citrus and light fresh dough yeast. First sip leaves decent citrus bitterness on the palate. This is the dominant flavour, alongside some lemon, orange peel, and pine. Not as sweet now, and it’s actually quite drying and sharp on the palate as it lingers. This brew is light to medium body and good length. We note Alc vol of 6.2% and it blends into the citrus bitterness and pine. Light dry malts round up the palate so the bitterness shines. Nice head retention here as we near halfway through the glass with plenty of spotty lacing down the glass. As we near the bottom it starts to clear out the glass but the bitterness still grabs on the tonsils and almost makes it peppery. Just more of the same, pine, citrus hops with light drying malts and background doughy yeast. It’s a bit run of the mill but it’s not terrible by any means. Just doesn’t stand out really. We wouldn’t buy again.