Knee Deep Brewing Co ‘Tahoe Deep’ Double IPA


22405409_757033954480752_7306163943081760209_n“Tahoe Deep is an 8.5% ABV Imperial IPA brewed with Centennial, Cascade, and CTZ hops. It’s golden/orange appearance produces fragrant floral, and juicy tropical fruit aromas that lead up to a resinous pine finish. A true West Coast-Style IIPA.”

Served in an IPA glass. She pours a reasonably clear golden orange with a thumb of creamy white foam taking shape on top. Head retention is good and the lacing is even better.
Oodles of west coast hop character on the nose – kind of reminds us of the IPA’s of old with its pithy and slightly acidic grapefruit, orange peel and tangerine. It also has a clean and fresh note to it…plenty of pine needle, light florals, fennel and grassy/herbal hops. The malt is delicate, dry, maybe a little earthy with a woody accent to it. Very well layered.
It hits the taste buds with a fair bit of vigour. A short and flavoursome burst of citrus fruits, pine and semi sweet malt is quickly eclipsed by a spiky line of booze (8.5%) and aggressive bitterness midway. Despite that it does bring a certain citric/grapefruit element to the table as it leads in to the sharp, piney and warming finish.
Quite full on and prickly in the mouth, definitely doesn’t try and hide the booze. Fairly moderate body and co2 with a feisty 66 IBU.
One of those in-your-face west coast IPA’s. Let’s be fair, it is a double IPA so it’s naturally going to be a bit of a palate wrecker but it could mellow out a little on the booze and bitterness….nevertheless it’s a good drop with truck loads of fresh hop flavour and aroma.