La chouffe Belgian blond bier


La chouffe Belgian blond bierSo, the story of this brewery goes a little differently than most Belgian breweries. Not so much different as in flavours and brewing techniques, but more modern. 2 brothers-in-law set off on their quest to start brewing their own beers in the 1970’s (Don’t get us wrong, that is still much longer than most Australian breweries, but has nothing on breweries such as Leffe or Chimay which have been brewing since the 13th century). From there, plenty of awards ensued but it was when they teamed up with Duvel that it started going gangbusters and now they export to over 40 countries. Respect.

So, we served this in a wide-rimmed chalice. The heavily clouded amber/orange pour arouses a fluffy 2 finger crown that gradually reduced but persisted at a dense 7-8mm. Excellent head retention and that allows for some heavy lace trails to cling to the glass. What the olfactory’s detect instantly is that lovely candy-like sweetness. A bit like strawberry hearts. Some lovely herbs and spices are also flowing through, we get clove, pepper and a hint of coriander that blend so nicely with the musty, fruity yeasts. Pleasant aroma. In the mouth it’s well rounded that offers a good coating. Nicely weighted, not too heavy which allows the moderate carbonation to have some effect. Medium body. Tonnes of flavour happening here. Slightly complex. Upfront the taste buds enjoy a delicious fusion of herbs, spices and hints of banana as the palate is warmed with a good dose of alcohol (8%). The mid takes on more sweetness with a touch of grain and honeyed malts that lead to a dry, fruity finish. Decent length. For a relatively young brewery these guys are putting beers out that could easily sit among some of the best on the Belgian market. Kudos to you, good sir’s. We loved it.