Liberty brewing co. ‘darkest days’ oatmeal stout


imageStrange label this one with it’s reference to the ‘all seeing eye’ which should evoke plenty of suspicion from the conspiracy theorists. We’d have to admit we like the artistic labels seen on the other beers like their Yakima scarlet and monster better.

We digress, so we served this in a beer tulip and we are instantly impressed with the dense black appearance that has aroused a thin, brown filmy head that collapses away to minimal lacing. On the nose it’s sporting a surprisingly hoppy aroma with a slight addition of creamy vanilla, roasted dark & crystal malts, chocolate and mocha. The oats do come through nicely, giving off that warming porridge aroma. Decent, pretty happy with this so far. Mild-medium carbonation. Mouth feel is smooth and silky with a good suggestion of bitterness (45 IBU). The hop dryness doesn’t dominate the palate but it’s definitely present all the way through. Chocolate, oatmeal, coffee and malty undertones pull the bitterness back and remind us we’re drinking a stout. Firm chocolate finish with the definite presence of a hop dryness ensures this beer stays balanced from start to finish. 6% ABV is bang on for this beer. Not over and not under, just does its job perfectly. Good stout. Nice one lads.