Lindemans Pecheresse


“A golden peach lambic with a sparkling appearance and fruity taste.”

Glassware: Teku.

Appearance: Translucent amber complexion with a short fizzy head. It gradually reduced to a halo with patchy lace in its wake.

Aroma: Peach city! And not a whole lot else really. As it settles it broadens out a bit and yields hints of ripe mango, apricot and rockmelon. Maybe a flutter of papaya and lychee creeping in as well. Much like the Kriek and Framboise in that there’s very minimal sourness with a faint oak note buried deep. Smells a bit like those peach flavoured soda’s by Bundaberg.

Flavour: Tell ya what if we were parched and got handed one of these we’d be having a tough time not skulling the whole bottle. The peach tastes fresh as and that super mild sourness balances out the sweetness of the fruit. The peach turns a bit candied late in the piece and finishes with an array of stonefruit – peach, melon, mango etc.

Mouthfeel: Light on with a beautifully spritzy Co2. Mild body but enough to keep it from being watery.

Overall: This would go perfectly as a digestif after a really rich meal. The lightly sour, spritzy and sweet nature would also reset the palate nicely (and even bring on a belch or two!). Not bad.