Little Creatures Original Pilsner


20708352_732748070242674_4470078677141151258_n“We love hops, so it seemed natural to move the Pilsner towards the North German (Friesland) Style – these are hoppier and more bitter then the Southern German Pilsners. It’s made with 100% Pilsner Malt and German Perle hops – the key to this Beer is to let the aroma and bitterness of the hops shine through. The Beer really delivers on flavour, which is a creeper – this is a warning – the beer has an uncompromising and earth shattering bitterness; hell yeah …”

Served in a flute. Clear golden pour with an off-white head which offers limited retention and lacing.
Good presentation of the Perle hops here. The subtle yet floral and spicy notes are quite direct with this firm pilsner malt structure in support. Smelling mighty fresh and green with a herbal scent being countered by the grainy honey sweetness that’s being brought out by the malts. Nice and simple with good overall balance.
It does taste like the brewers have taken the traditional German approach with the somewhat spicy and herbaceous Perle hops at an even keel with the semi sweet and grainy pilsner malt. The hop bitterness just edges forward through the mid before those hallmark rice cracker flavours lead in to the crisp, mildly bitter and grassy finish.
Light, clean and refreshing in the mouth. Mild-moderate body with a slightly lifted hop bitterness. Pretty much true-to-style.
Lovely representation. The pilsner by LC is one that we’ve passed on numerous occasions but have never bagged. No real reason why, could have something to do with the sale to Lion Nathan all those years ago but we have to give credit where credit is due. This is a decent and super sessional pilsner.