Illawarra brewing ‘Longboard’ pale ale


image“This moderately hopped ale is our addtion to an expanding list of well-crafted Australian pale ales. Inviting aromas of apricot and peach, light to moderate bitterness and a biscuity malt background are the hallmarks of the ‘Longboard’. The unique style falls somewhere between English and American style Pale Ales. Liberal doses of American Cascade hops provide the distintive stone-fruit aromas. Crystal and wheat malts provide a light malt character creating a perfect backdrop to the fruity aromas. The ‘Longboard’ is an easy drinking beer that is both refreshing and flavoursome.”

Not a bad beer we’ve had a few arvo sessions of this on tap down at the North Wollongong hotel and they go down beautifully. Served in a shaker glass the slightly hazy light golden pour generates a decent 1 and a half finger head that eventually reduces to a thin cap on top. Healthy lace. Our first thoughts of this aroma are earthy with a strange musty tartness. Don’t remember that from our lengthy sessions at the pub. Another forceful twirl of the glass again conjures up a deep earthy waft withy this funky, sour lemon scent. Maybe hindered fermentation? We rather the fruity aroma from the tap. In the mouth it’s frothy with lively carbonation. Reasonable body. This is really strange because the flavour is now backing the aroma up with this alien funkiness. Once the fizz mellows out the sour, citric lemon pairs up with a musty, earth driven mid-palate that leaves a soft citric finish. 4.5% ABV. Well, it’s pretty easy for us to say that this beer is much better on tap. Whether there is a hinderance in fermentation or not is the question, but to us all signs point to that. Unfortunate, because we know how nice this beer actually is.