Lord Nelson Brewery ‘Victory’ Bitter


12342742_458919924292158_284348989016135012_nOne of the main reasons it has taken us until now to review this beer is its uncanny resemblance to Australia’s horrific Victoria bitter. Luckily, though, Lord Nelson is a respected craft brewery and has released some pretty damn fine seasonal brews in the past. Fingers crossed it tastes nothing like VB!

Served in an English pint glass. Slightly hazy appearance with a bold amber hue. Very active carbonation, there are dozens of bubble streams ascending which form the frothy two finger cap. Solid head retention as well, hardly losing any height as it sheds thick, patchy lace trails down the walls of the glass. Well, looks great so how’s the aroma? Certainly very heady still so a lot of bready malts and subtle fruity yeast complexities at the forefront. A touch of floral and herbal hops do come through along with caramel and toffee notes. Quite earthy too with a soft spicy undertone. All very delicate but presenting a pleasant overall aroma. Quite fizzy across the tongue. Co2 is medium-high with a mild drying bitterness. The texture is well weighted with a nice full-ish feel. Drinks pretty well. The flavour profile kicks off with an earthy malt character, developing a slight toastiness through the mid. A subtle caramel sweetness hinges off the earthy malt and carries through to the mildly bitter and somewhat herbaceous finish. Decent length. So, as far as comparisons between VB and this go….well there is no comparison. This bitter has good drink ability, it has a nice rounded feel and a full flavour profile to boot. We are seldom rapt by non-English ESB’s but this one has seen us give the nod of approval. Kudos to the Lord!