Mad River ‘Steelhead’ Porter


imageWell, again there is nothing to report on the label of this beer, which for us is not much fun. Just give us something. Sheesh. Anyhow, this porter has a nice dark mahogany colour to the pour, almost dark Amber in the light. There is a fair amount of carbonation on the pour, and subsequently there is a two finger almost creamy beige head which retains beautifully down to half a finger width. The usual roasted malts on display, but also chocolate, some mild juicy fruit hops out of the bottle but less so out of the glass. First sip is interesting as the flavour of ash dominates. Mild to moderate bubble initially. A good swish around the mouth elicits moderate bitterness like grapefruit or citrus which lingers slightly on the back palate, more roasted malts, very mild chocolate, along with an unexpected spice hit which coats the tonsils and really lingers. Very smooth in the mouth this drop. We get a mild to moderate body here, almost tad watery on the back palate. The stated alc vol is 6.5% which is hardly felt at all. As we nearing the end of the glass, there is virtually no lacing at all. You will see yeast sediment here floating around the glass. Look overall, an average but not terrible porter. We have had better that is for sure.