Mayday Hills ‘Marmalade IPA’


imageThis beer is a collaboration between jim jam foods who make marmalade, and Mayday Hills – who are actually Bridge Rd Brewers but their farmhouse project. Great idea. Here, 100% Brettanomyces were fermented in the oak Foeder before being emptied onto fresh marmalade. Yum.

Poured into a shaker glass we see a cloudy burnt orange colour with tightly packed off -white 15mm head that doesn’t budge. Beautiful retention. Small carbonation seen rising and contributing to the overall aesthetics. Aroma is marmalade, fresh citrus hop, Brettanomyces yeast that reminds us of a Belgian, banana, pear, slight caramels and booze. Flavour is big and bold. Decent bitterness mixes with farmhouse/Belgian yeast that leaves a funk on the palate. Citrus hop and the fresh marmalade interweaves leaving a sweet malt hit, like candy sugars. Carbonation is low on the palate allowing for a decent gulp. Body is moderate. Good length of bitterness and slight booze. We note here 7.5% Alc vol and we certainly feel it but it’s not a major player here which is great. We note small irregular patches of lacing down the glass. As this beer warms a smoothness dominates, just leaving really Belgian like flavours, funk, citrus and a bit of booze. The marmalade jam slightly hides behind this which is a bit of a shame but overall it does its job. It’s definitely not a grapefruit sculpin-like jam hit though. Interesting brew and we like the creativity.